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There’s Power in Numbers
It’s an undeniable truth that’s been used to great effect across many business lines and borders: when you join together, bigger things are possible. It’s also the truth behind the value of a Wholesaler Membership with the AGHA. We’ve been working on behalf of the countless individuals that make up the gift and homewares industry for 40 years to create the optimum commercial environment in which to succeed. In short, as a Wholesaler Member you can expect three things: to make money, save money and connect with buyers.

Make Money- Exhibit at World Class Exhibitions
Unique opportunities to boost revenues abound as a Wholesaler Member of AGHA, but none more than our premiere gift fairs. Each annual trade exhibition – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne – is a can’t miss opportunity to be seen by the top retail buyers, store owners and managers, interior designers, stylists and event planners in Australia. Convened during the two biggest buying seasons of the year, AGHA Gift Fairs are an extraordinary platform for both you and your products to reach highly-qualified buyers.

Save Money
It costs a lot of money to run a business but AGHA Wholesaler Members of AGHA can expect to keep much more of what they make in their pockets. Through carefully selected Business Partners, we’re able to offer you a bevy of special offers and discounts on relevant products and services that help you keep things running along smoothly. In virtually every area of your business, you can expect to find a high-quality provider at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Connect with Buyers
Beyond our bi-annual AGHA Gift Fairs, Wholesaler Members of AGHA enjoy several additional opportunities to connect directly with buyers throughout the year. Networking events around the country aim to bring together members from both sides of the industry to foster connections, share ideas and learn.

FREE subscription to Giftguide - the only industry publication
As part of your Membership, Wholesalers receive an annual subscription (2 issues) to Giftguide. As the oldest and most established gift and homewares publication in Australia, Giftguide is recognised by the industry as an essential business resource. The annual Directory issue (July-December) alone includes comprehensive information about more than 2,000 suppliers – including AGHA Wholesaler Members - listing over 10,000 products across 120 categories and 1,500 brands. By itself, this added benefit has a retail value of $85.00 p.a. and offers Wholesalers invaluable exposure to the industry.

Wholesaler Members also receive a 5% discount on advertising in Giftguide, the oldest and most established gift and homewares publication in the country with a reach of more than 74,000 pre-qualified gift and homewares buyers.