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What is the ICTI Ethical Toy Program?

The ICTI Ethical Toy Program (formerly ICTI CARE Foundation) is the ethical supply chain program for the global toy and entertainment industry. The Ethical Toy Program was originally established by the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) in 2004, but now exists as a separate, independent,  not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving ethical standards at toy factories around the world. 

The Ethical Toy Program brings manufacturers, brands, retailers and civil society partners together to monitor, manage and fix social sustainability issues in the toy industry supply chain and to support the well-being of factory workers. It offers certification, assessment and monitoring tools which enable
toy brands, retailers, manufacturers and industries associations to achieve responsible sourcing aims and drive standards. Globally over 1,200 factories are Ethical Toy Program Certified, representing 650,000 workers in 13 countries. Additional detailed information about the ICTI Ethical Toy Program
Process is available at: https://www.ethicaltoyprogram.org/en/