ATA Rising Star Award

In 2017, The Australian Toy Association (ATA) announced the introduction of a prestigious new Award the ATA Rising Star Award.


The Award was created with the intention of recognising and celebrating the industry's bright young stars who are making a name for themselves in Australia and around the world.

The award is judged by a panel of independent judges and nominations must be based on individual's, aged 35 or under, who have 10 years or less experience in the industry. This can include their leadership, impact on a business' culture, significant achievements or any other factor a nominee deems significant.

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2022 Rising Star

Rosie Price - Entertainment One / Hasbro

 Brea Brand

Rosie has been a champion of positivity and support for the greater business during the pandemic both professionally and personally.

Her strength as a business leader, team player, & role model has grown significantly making her a great team leader and collaborator. She has volunteered on global Hasbro initiatives, pioneered on local full blueprint taskforces, built a marketing team from scratch, and has been a key collaborator with key stakeholders & partners.

Rosie has ideated and successfully executed several leading brand & partner collaborations in 2021. All with a common purpose to help and enhance family priorities with brand IP.